We Said NO To The Termination of Our Coworker at Florida Medical Center

April 22, 2016

“I am proud to be a member of 1199SEIU at Florida Medical Center where the delegates did a fantastic job to defend my rights and help me return to work.”

Latoya Hibbert, PCA at Florida Medica Center

What was the issue or problem?

Latoya Hibbert, a PCA on Two East at Florida Medical Center, was terminated after returning to work from being on sick leave that was ordered by her doctor.

Employees should be able to go out on sick leave without fearing termination.

How did we solve it together?

Latoya called her 1199 Delegates and after discussing the issue together, they decided on the following plan of action to solve the problem.

• Demand instant reinstatement without loss of pay
• Demand a written apology from management

What was the result?

Latoya was instantly reinstated and sent back to work. Management apologized as requested by the delegates and the PCA herself.