Contract Update!

June 9, 2020

Abs_Westfied_fa.jpgThere is no doubt that COVID-19 has disrupted all aspects of our lives, in one way or another, and contract negotiations are not an exception to that. Many of our contracts expired on April 30 of this year. Yet organizers are not allowed in the facility, our bargaining committees cannot meet effectively due to social distancing, and we are unable to negotiate in person. In addition, our delegates and the entire union is hyper-focused on making sure union members have proper PPE, fighting for hazard pay, and holding employers accountable to pay entitled sick time, among other issues.

However, this does not mean our contracts are being ignored. Our bargaining committees have been holding virtual meetings and are working towards contract extensions to get us past the crisis. While some employers have been cooperative in working out agreements, others have been more difficult to work with. A summary of progress is listed below. Speak with your delegates and bargaining committee to stay up to date and see how you can get involved for a stronger contract!

Alex Barth’s Absolut Group – Extension until September with two $0.25 raises

Edward Farbenblum’s Absolut Group – One year extension with two $0.25 raises

Elderwood at Williamsville – Extension until May 31st (in talks for a longer extension)

Our Lady of Peace – Extension until July 31st with a lump sum bonus

Weinberg Campus – Extension until October 31st with a lump sum bonus