Healthcare Workers at Highland Park Rehabilitation and Orchard Brooke Assisted Living in Upstate NY Vote to Join 1199SEIU

July 23, 2018

On July 18 and 19th, the LPNs, PCAs and Medical Techs at Orchard Brooke Living Center in Orchard Park, NY, and the LPNs, CNAs and Housekeepers at Highland Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Home in Wellsville, NY, voted decisively to become part of the 1199SEIU family.

A total of 81 caregivers at the two facilities cited high staff turnover and a lack of respect from management as factors which prevented them from providing the best quality care that their residents deserve.

“Benefits and respect are a must. Our families matter too,” said Tracy Beckman, a CNA at Highland Park said, “We want to also make a competitive wage.”

Tammy Rogers, an LPN at the facility added that she had voted to join 1199 because staff their needed to be heard and to be able to negotiate better wages and healthcare with management.

Ensuring that they were treated fairly was a common theme amongst the workforce. Susan Sands, a CNA at Highland Park said they cared for people every day and the workers deserved affordable health care to look after their own needs, too.

With the support of 1199SEIU, the Highland Park and Orchard Brooke caregivers are confident that they will achieve vast improvements for both themselves and their residents.

As well as having a larger say in their working lives, the newest members voted to join our union to negotiate for the high-quality pension, affordable healthcare, educational benefits and job security that thousands of 1199 members enjoy.