Kaleida Tentative 3-Year Agreement

July 15, 2019

The bargaining committees reached a Tentative Agreement on a 3-Year Tentative Agreement with Kaleida Health on July 10. Our bargaining committee has set up info tables for members to stop by & pick up copies of the Tentative Agreement (TA) and ask questions. Members should make every effort to review TA’s prior to Ratification Vote

Below you will find a copy of the old contract along with all handouts being provided at the info tables. We urge members to use the paperless online copy and to only stop at info tables with specific questions. You may also reach out to a Bargaining Committee member or Delegate with any questions you have prior to the vote.

The Bargaining Committee unanimously supports passage of this Tentative Agreement.


Tuesday, July 16
Oishei Children’s Hospital, All Clinics & Schools
9am - 5pm
Floor 2 - across from Joe's Deli

Wednesday, July 17
9am - 5pm
Swift Auditorium

BOC at Larkin
9am - 2pm
Room 290

Millard Fillmore Suburban
10am - 5pm
Ground Floor Conference Room

Thursday, July 18
9am - 5pm
Gates Conference Room


Millard Fillmore Suburban
Wednesday, July 24
6 am - 8 pm in Ground Floor Conference Room  

BOC - Larkin
Wednesday, July 24
9 am - 2pm in Room 290

BGH & HighPointe, Oishei Children’s Hospital, Schools & All Clinics
Thursday, July 25
6 am - 8 pm
Swift Auditorium at BGH