3-Year Contract with Kaleida Health from 2022-2025

April 24, 2023

On October 2, the bargaining committee reached a 3-Year Tentative Agreement with Kaleida Health.  Below you will find a copy a full list of all Tentative Agreements to review. For more details on signed Tentative Agreements, please click here for the full bargaining report, including detailed information specific to 1199SEIU members.  

To view a full copy of our current union contract with Kaleida Health, please click here.​​​​​

  Kaleida Health Bargaining 2022 10/4/2022
Article Table of Contents  
1 Agreement and Application No Change
2 Responsible Relationship No Change
3 Recognition See Changes
4 Non-Discrimination See Changes
5 Access to Premises for Union Representatives No Change
6 Union Representation See Changes
7 Grievance Procedure See Changes
8 Probationary Period No Change
9 Categories of Employees See Changes
10 Dual Status Employee No Change
11 Flex Employees See Changes
12 Per Diem Employees See Changes
13 Temporary Employees No Change
14 Weekend Employees See Changes
15 Hours of Work and Work Schedules See Changes
16 Weekend Work See Changes
17 Shift Rotation No Change
18 Temporary Downsizing See Changes
19 Floating See Changes
20 Shift Differential No Change
21 On Call Pay See Changes
22 Call in Pay No Change
23 Salaries See Changes
24 Recruitment, Incentive or Premium Pay Programs No Change
25 Overtime No Change
26 Paid Time Off See Changes
27 Paid Time Off Scheduling See Changes
28 Flexible Benefits Plan See Changes
29 Medical and Prescription Drug Benefits See Changes
30 Dental Benefits See Changes
31 Hospital Discounts See Changes
32 Life Insurance No Change
33 Retirement Plan See Changes
34 Transitional Return to Work Program No Change
35 Leave of Absence  No Change for 1199
36 Military Leave No Change
37 Jury Duty No Change
38 Bereavement Leave No Change
39 Disability No Change
40 Workers’ Compensation No Change
41 Employee Assistance Program See Changes
42 Tuition Assistance No Change
43 1199/SEIU League Training and Upgrading Fund No Change
44 Continuing Education Program Deleted
45 IUOE Training Fund Deleted
46 Nursing Preceptor Program No Change
47 Training Program No Change
48 Travel No Change
49 Domestic Partner No Change
50 Seniority See Changes
51 Layoff and Recall See Changes
52 Multi-Site Float Pool See Changes
53 Job Bidding and Transfers See Changes
54 Temporary Transfers No Change
55 Merger, Consolidation No Change
56 Selling and Closure of Business No Change
57 Personnel Files No Change
58 Job Descriptions No Change
59 Scrub Apparel See Changes
60 Uniforms See Changes
61 Lounge and Lockers Facilities No Change
62 Progressive Discipline and Remediation See Changes
63 Time and Attendance See Changes
64 Perfect Attendance No Change
65 Resignations/Terminations No Change
66 Bargaining Unit Work No Change
67 Contracting Out Work No Change
68 Management Rights No Change
69 Employer Policies See Changes
70 No Strike – No Lockout See Changes
71 Successorship No Change
72 Committees See Changes
73 Health and Safety Committee See Changes
74 Job Security/Committee No Change
75 Parking Committee No Change
76 Staffing and Productivity Committee No Change
77 Workforce Training and Retraining/Committee No Change
78 Access to Technology No Change
79 Savings Clause No Change
80 School Health Services Employees See Changes
81 Multi-Site On – Call Procedure  No Change
82 Holidays See Changes
83 Union Membership  See Changes
84 Pharmacy Shift Rotation at the Buffalo General Hospital  No Change
85 Payroll Deduction of Union Dues  See Changes
86 Political Action Committee Deductions  See Changes
87 Labor Management Committee  No Change
88 Temporary Closure of Units/Departments  No Change
89 Security Technology  No Change
90 Health Information Technology  No Change
91 Float Pool Employees See Changes
92 Charge Nurse No Change
93 Hours of Work – Clerical Employees  No Change
94 Extended Shifts    (New Form) See Changes
95 Bulletin Boards  No Change
96 Nursing Clinical Progression See Changes
97 Non-Nursing Functions  No Change
98 Non-Professional Functions No Change
99 Non-Technical Functions No Change
100 Temporary Positions No Change
101 Purchase of Business by Kaleida Health No Change
102 Parking See Changes
103 Drug Enforcement Administration No Change
104 Salaried Empolyees No Change
105 Duration See Changes
106 Administration of the ADA No Change
107 Patient Staffing Plan See Changes
108 Workplace Violence  See Changes
  Appendix A Clerical Employees See Changes
  Appendix B Maintenance Employees See Changes
  Appendix C Professional Employees See Changes
  Appendix D Registered Employees See Changes
  Appendix E Service Employees See Changes
  Appendix F Technical Employees See Changes
  Appendix G Skilled Nursing Employees See Changes
  Appendix H Kaleida Health Bargaining Units  See Changes
  Appendix I Grievance Form No Change
Letter 2 Long Term Care Needs List See Changes
Letter 3 Healthcare Related Joint Ventures  No Change
Letter 4 Staffing Incentive Plan No Change
Letter 5 Uniforms See Changes
Letter SEIU 1199 Upstate Regional Labor Management Project Fund No Change
Letter 6 2/20/2014 CWA Rotating Wheel See Changes
Letter 7 9/24/2013 Rotating Wheel See Changes
MOU1 DMH/TCCS Life Insurance No Change
MOU2 RNFA's Millard Fillmore No Change
MOU3 Health Insurance Grandfathering No Change
MOU4 Operating Rm Ser Line Coord. BGM, DMH, and MFS No Change
MOU5 Hoildays in the Operation Rm ar WCHOB -RN / Tech See Changes
MOU6 Red Circled Employees No Change
MOU7 Maintenance Employees Allowances (SEIU 1199) See Changes
MOU8 Seasonal Employees  No Change
MOU9 Special Projects - 1199 SEIU/IUOE Local 17 See Changes
MOU10 Rotating Positions See Changes
MOU11 Drop and Add Relative to FTE See Changes
MOU12 Patient Management Social Workers  See Changes
MOU13 Bulletin Boards  See Changes
MOU14 Contact Printing  No Change
MOU15 MFS/RN Self Staffed/Closed Units No Change
MOU16 Operating Room and Multi-Specialty Ser Line No Change
MOU17 WCHOB Per Diem Employees Holiday Commitment No Change
MOU18 WCHOB RN Mandatory Overtime No Change
MOU19 WCHOB RN STAT Team No Change
MOU20 WCHOB RN Neonatal Transport Nurse No Change
MOU21 WCHOB RN & Technical - ECMO Specialists  No Change
MOU22 PTO Grandfathering No Change
MOU23 WCHOB RN/LPN - Floating Grid See Changes
MOU24 Hospital Certification/Designation  No Change
MOU25 Uniform Colors-LTC and Hospital Setting Nursing Units No Change
MOU26 Adult Site RN & Surgical Tech Floating Grid  See Changes
MOU27 WCHOB Flexible Employees See Changes
MOU28 BGMC  RN Self Staffed Closed Units See Changes
MOU29 Vacant Position Tracking See Changes
MOU30 DeGraff Social Workers See Changes
MOU31 Clinical Pharmacy Coor. Qualications  See Changes
MOU32 Flint Road: Endo-Diabetes Titles No Change
MOU33 DeGraff/Millard Clinical Nurse Educators No Change
MOU34 Change Name From WCHOB to OCH See Changes
MOU35 Surgical Techologist Assignment No Change
MOU36 CWA On-Call Courier Assignment-Flint Road No Change
MOU37 Adding BGMC MICU NP/PA Position "10 Hour Shift" No Change
MOU38 CWA Nuclear Medicine See Changes
MOU39 NFTA Public Transit Discount No Change
MOU40 Variable Start Time Process For 1199/SEIU Member No Change
MOU41 Fillmore Suburban Procedure for Temporary Closure of units No Change
MOU42 1199 SEIU Labor Management Initiative See Changes
MOU43 Contracting Out Work/Bargaining Unit Work See Changes
MOU44 Quarterly Job Review Committee  (current language) No Change
MOU45 Business Office Clerical Overtime at Larkin  See Changes
MOU46 Definition of "Closed Unit" No Change
MOU47 APP Security See Changes
MOU48 Ratification Bonus See Changes
MOU49 1199 SEIU Regional Pension Contribution See Changes
MOU50 Flint Road PSC and Phlebotomy Services Cost Center 20751 No Change
MOU51 APP On Call  No Change
1 Utilization of Agency Personnel and Travelers See Changes
2 Staffing  See Changes
3 Staffing Incentive Plan See Changes
4 Infectious Disease State of Emergency See Changes
5 New York State Paid Family Sick Leave See Changes
6 MOU Uniforms for Couriers No Change
7 MOU Multi-Site Float Pools No Change
8 MOU Settlement Agreement See Changes
9 MOU Enhanced Positions See Changes
10 MOU Nurse Assistant Training Program, Nurse Aide Trainee See Changes
11 MOU Multi-Site Float Pool- Clinical Lab Scientists See Changes
12 MOU Maternity Float Pool See Changes
13 MOU Lead Aprons and Associated See Changes
14 MOU DMP RN Weekend Commitment No Link
15 MOU MFSH RN Weekend Commitment See Changes
16 MOU MFSH Critical Care RNs in MFSH Floating to DMP ED No Link
17 Categories of Employees in BGMC Dietary  Department See Changes
18 New Letter Diversity Equity & Inclusion See Changes
19 Flint Road Courier Service/ Cost Center See Changes
20 Short Shift Positions for Staffing See Changes
21 Healthy Work Environment See Changes
22 Flex Employee Side Letter See Changes
23 BGMC Procedure Labs-Cross training Plan  See Changes