What It Was Like To Be a Delegate at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

August 7, 2016

A Note From 1199SEIU Executive Vice President George Kennedy:
What It Was Like To Be a Delegate at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Sisters and Brothers:

Thanks to the effort and votes of Western New Yorkers and 1199SEIU members like you who are enrolled Democrats, last week I attended the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia.

The convention reaffirmed for me what many of us already knew: we have an historic opportunity to elect a President to office who will fight for us, our patients, and our communities. That person is Hillary Clinton.

I kept a journal, so that I could share some moments, highlights of this remarkable experience, with you.


This morning, at a meeting of NYS Delegates, our 1199 President George Gresham was presented with an award by Governor Cuomo, honoring his leadership in the fight to increase the state minimum wage. Governor Cuomo said, "George's tireless work significantly changed the lives of millions of New Yorkers."

Senator Bernie Sanders, originally from Brooklyn, addressed the NYS delegates and asked us to work hard with him to elect Hillary, stating that Trump must never be President.

Congressional Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi pointed out that winning Upstate New York Congressional races will help change Congress. The Republican majority has become more conservative in the last few elections, so it's more important than ever that this fall 1199 upstate members play a key role in getting out the vote for candidates who will truly represent the interests of healthcare workers and all working families.

Later on Tuesday:
This was an exciting moment! The last state in the roll call to nominate the Democratic candidate was Vermont, the home of Senator Bernie Sanders. After the delegates cast their votes, Senator Sanders moved to have Hillary nominated by acclamation.


Last night 1199SEIU members helped Hillary Clinton break the 240-year barrier blocking women from the U.S. Presidency!

When I cast my vote for Hillary, all of the strong women who have helped build and shape 1199 were with me in spirit.

1199 women climb mountains as union leaders, and at the same time work challenging jobs and raise families at home. 1199 women, in fact, all women, know what it's like to be told, "you can't do that, because you are a woman!"

Like Hillary Clinton, 1199 women know what it means to fight back, persevere and win!


Last night was phenomenal! First, an Independent, Michael Bloomberg, endorsed Hillary saying, "As a New Yorker I know a con when I see one and Donald Trump is a con!"

Vice-President Joe Biden talked about his long friendship with Hillary and her determination and trustworthiness.

Tim Kane, Hillary's choice for Vice-President, introduced himself to us in English and Spanish. When he asked if we believe what Trump has to say, the crowd chanted "not one single word!"

President Obama was more eloquent and powerful than ever. He reminded us of our core values and that Americans want a leader not a ruler. He said, no one--not him, not Bill--has ever been more qualified or prepared for the U.S. Presidency than Hillary Clinton.


Last night Hillary accepted the nomination. It was historic and you were all with me.

I sat close to Bill Clinton and Tim Kane and I could see Bill's anxiety and pride as he watched his daughter Chelsea introduce her mother, Hillary Clinton. I snapped this photo as I watched him mouth the words of Hillary's outstanding speech and saw a tear in his eye when she had the whole auditorium on their feet!

Last week Trump said, "Only I can fix this! " Last night Hillary Clinton declared, "We all, together, need to be part of fixing our problems!"

"Do All The Good You Can" and "Stronger Together" are 2 points of view that all of us 1199ers understand. In fact, we know they are more than slogans, they are terms of empowerment. Well! Our next President made them both central themes of her campaign-"our" campaign.

Now that Hillary Clinton has accepted the nomination, we have to roll up our sleeves and do the work. Are you fired up and ready to elect Hillary as our next President? 1199SEIU members are enthusiastically signing up to be Weekend Warriors, heading to swing states to get out the vote!

Visit HealthcareWorkersForHillary.org to sign up now!

Did you miss Hillary Clinton's speech on the convention floor?

Watch it now!