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The Maryland/DC Division was formed in 2005 out of the merger of the former SEIU Locals 1199E-DC and 1998 with 1199SEIU. The Division includes over 10,625 members who work in major academic medical centers and other hospitals and dozens of long-term care facilities in Baltimore, Washington, DC, and their suburbs.

Number of Members: 10,625 
Number of Delegates:
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Maryland/DC Delegates

Everyday, 1199SEIU members are continuing to build on our historic growth in Maryland / DC by uniting and organizing healthcare and home care workers across the state.


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DEC11-PRESS-CONFERENCE_feat.jpgBraving the bitter cold, District of Columbia homecare workers gathered in front of DC Superior Court on December 11 to file the first in a series of lawsuits against three of the city’s largest Medicaid providers, alleging widespread failure to obey the law and pay required wages over a period of three years. DC home care workers will seek class action certification on behalf of their coworkers in the coming weeks.

Nov12meeting-group_feat.jpgThanks to the campaign by DC’s homecare workers, more agencies are obeying the law and paying the city’s living wage of $13.60 an hour.

Dimensions_feat.jpgThe 1400 nurses and caregivers at Dimensions Healthcare System in Prince George’s County have voted to ratify a new three-year contract that guarantees at least a six percent salary increase, caps work shift cancellations and insures that the $655 million hospital planned for the county will be a union shop.

Hundreds of DC homecare workers, elected officials and community supporters rallied today at Freedom Plaza, demanding that DC homecare employers obey the law and pay unpaid wages, seven sick days a year and the city’s living wage of $13.60.

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