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The 1199SEIU New Jersey Division was formed out of the merger of the former SEIU Local 1199 NJ with 1199SEIU in October 2008. The New Jersey Division, with nearly 8,000 workers, represents the largest percentage of long term care workers in the State. Our nursing home members include certified nurses assistants, LPNs, Recreational Aides, Maintainence and Housekeepers. We also represent hundreds of Home Health Aides who also provide direct care to elderly and disabled individuals throughout the state.

Number of Members: 8,000
Number of Delegates: 250
Number of Facilities: 78



New Jersey Delegates

Everyday, 1199SEIU members are continuing to build on our historic growth in New Jersey by uniting and organizing healthcare and home care workers across the state.


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iwdNJ_feat9-(1).jpgEvery March 8th, millions from around the globe come together to celebrate International Women’s Day, a holiday commemorating women’s struggles for equal rights, justice, and freedom. Originally established over a century ago as a remembrance of a 1908 garment workers strike protesting working conditions in New York City sweatshops, today it continues to be a time to reflect on past achievements and to prepare for challenges that lie ahead.

rumu_feat.jpgI am delighted to be celebrating with you this very special day, a day in which we honor women and their achievements – achievements which have enabled us to be where we are today. But it is also a day in which we recognize that the struggle for a just, equitable and fair society, for women and men, is far from over. In many ways in days such as these we are able to refine our ideas, sharpen our skills, bring together all those who share our dreams, and gather all our strengths to envision what kind of society we want, and how are we going to get there as a nation, as a world.

alerisRespect_feat.jpgIn September 2014, nursing home caregivers at four Alaris Health nursing homes in New Jersey went on strike to demand an end to the company's unfair labor practices and a fair contract that protects patients and workers.

MILLY-SILVA-facebook_feat.jpgAs the number of confirmed Ebola cases in West Africa grows beyond 10,000 and as the first cases appear in the US, many fear the rise of a global pandemic. In order to protect New Jersey and the nation overall, it is vital that officials respond to the crisis in ways that are scientifically justified, effective, ethical, and safe. (Yet as we’ve witnessed over the past week, many elected leaders around the nation appear to be acting more out of political expediency rather than sound, informed judgment. I would eliminate this sentence as we don’t want to be seen as implicitly criticizing Cuomo).

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