For decades, Americans of Asian descent have lived a proud history. We can be found in every area of society – science, the arts, government, education, sports and our workplaces.

The more than 17 million Asian American/Pacific Islanders represent 5.6% of the nation’s population. California is home to the largest number, followed by New York.

Americans of Chinese descent are the largest Asian group, followed by Filipinos, Asian Indians, Vietnamese, Koreans and Japanese.

The AAPI caucus works to educate and mobilize 1199 members and staff of Asian descent to work together to strengthen multi-racial leadership and democracy within our union and to promote social and economic justice within our communities.

Among our goals are:

•  To build solidarity with all cultural and ethnic groups within our union because through diversity, there is strength.

•  To promote migrant/immigrant rights and dignity while combatting all forms of discrimination and exploitation in the workplace.

• To deepen our understanding and involvement with our elected leaders, particularly in the campaign for immigration reform.

The unity and organization of the AAPI caucus will permit us to greatly multiply our power and influence so that our Union will be better able to address key issues in our Asian American/Pacific Islander communities.



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