1199SEIU Home Care Workers at Community Care Home Health Services Overwhelmingly Vote To Ratify 3-Year Contract with New York’s largest healthcare union last month

July 1, 2024

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Nearly 400 home care workers in Erie, Niagara, Monroe & Ontario counties won wage increases, paid holidays, paid training, and a voice on the job

Community Care Homecare Workers.jpgUpstate, NY – Home care providers at Community Care Home Health Services overwhelmingly voted to ratify their very first 3-year union contract last month.  Workers are represented by 1199SEIU, the largest healthcare workers union. 

About 1,600 workers from Long Island to Buffalo are covered by the labor agreement.  Almost 400 of those providers are based in the Buffalo and Rochester region.  These caregivers join more than 150,000 unionized home care workers across New York state covered by union contracts.

Home care has become the fastest-growing job in the country and workers voted to join 1199SEIU last June.  Home care workers give essential care, such as toileting, bathing and feeding, to seniors and people with disabilities in their homes, working hard to look after them. 

Upstate Home care workers covered by the new union contract will now earn $17.55 per hour and will have wage increases each year of the contract. By January 1, 2026, Upstate home care workers will earn $18.70 per hour.  

“This is a good first contract as homecare workers,” said Toni Felton, Certified Home Health Aide/Personal Care Attendant.  “We had a lot of ground to cover and it was hard at times. We did our homework and asked the key questions to find out what our members needed and went after it. We did our best to get them. We secured some good things including pay raises and holidays. For many, it may be their first time being involved in a union,” said Felton.

The three-year deal also includes optional 401k retirement plan and bereavement leave. Workers will maintain their current health insurance coverage. Home care workers also won 7 paid holidays. In addition, when workers provide care for consumers on three selected holidays, they receive time and a half.  On the remaining holidays, they will be paid $3 above their regular rate. The agreement also covers compensation for training and travel expenses when aiding home care clients with their errands. Caregivers will also earn paid time off based on hours worked and will be allowed to carry over 40 hours from one year to the next.   

Home care workers now have a voice on the job. Their new contract includes a grievance and arbitration procedure, allowing workers to file grievances and violations over disciplines and the wage and hour laws.

Home care workers covered by the agreement include Personal Care Attendants and Home Health Aides.

The 3-year contract runs until December 31, 2026


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