Management Reactions

How Will Management React?

Without a union, management controls all the money and power for themselves, and they want to keep it that way. When workers join 1199, we win democracy at work and have a voice in the decisions that affect ourselves and those we care for. By staying strong and united, we can win a voice for better pay, affordable healthcare, retirement security, job protections, education and training opportunities. It is our right as American healthcare workers to join together and protect our patients, our families and each other.

Predictable Scare Tactics

Management will do whatever they can to stop us from winning our rights and the job improvements that are important to having a better life. Unfortunately, these “anti-worker campaigns” waste resources and take the focus away from quality care. They want to cause us so much stress and confusion that we give up on what we believe in. But time and time again, healthcare workers have shown that when we stand together in unity, management will hear us. More than 90,000 healthcare workers have stayed strong and voted for 1199SEIU in the past 10 years, and more join every year.



You don’t want to pay dues, they’re too
Dues are 2% of our base wages (not including overtime or differentials) and are used to win job improvements and solve problems at work. We don’t start paying dues until after we have won a contract with better wages and benefits.

The union will make you go
on strike.

Strikes are very rare, they’re always decided by a democratic vote, and are a last resort to make our voices heard.

Give us a second chance, we’ll make improvements and even give you a raise!

Management’s promises will be broken and any improvements will be stripped away unless we win our union. Only a union contract guarantees improvements in writing, and the time is NOW to win a voice for better jobs and care!

The union is an outside “third party” that will come between workers and management. You won’t be allowed to speak directly with your supervisor if the union comes in.

The union is us, the healthcare workers who join together for a voice. When we form a union, relations with management are usually better than ever because there is improved communication and workers are treated respectfully as equals. Individuals can still talk to management directly, but when that doesn’t solve the problem, you have the support of all of your co-workers.

Forming a union won’t make a difference.

The members of 1199 have proven time and time again that with a united voice, we can and will win better jobs and quality care. There is strength in numbers, that’s a fact. If forming a union wouldn’t make a difference, why would management spend so much energy trying to stop us?

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