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I applaud the American Pharmacists Association recent decision to set ethical standards for its members about executions. We pharmacists should not be providing drugs to kill people. The group had to have searched deep within themselves to come to this conclusion. I believe it’s a moral obligation for those of us who know to stand up and support them in their decision.

I have always been vehemently against the death penalty in any form. We as human beings have no right in making decisions about life or death. We are not barbarians and should never believe in an eye for an eye. This is representation of an uncivilized world.

I ask all pharmacists and those in the medical field to refuse to take part, in any form, in aiding or obtaining chemicals to compound or acquire drugs to execute those on death row.

It has been proven that the rich, powerful, and wealthy can get away with murder. The innocent are executed or put wrongly behind bars. Often this is due to income inequality and not being able to afford lawyers.

We all know that there is no reversing a terrible error like an execution; we have all seen them brought to light. It’s a risk we have no right to take, especially in our broken justice system. If we insist on condemning those in our corrections system, life in prison is a far more humane sentence – if there is such a thing. And one where we have some hopes of rectifying our mistakes.


Registered Pharmacist,

Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY

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