PCAs Win $18/hr in New Contract!

July 8, 2022


HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR SEVENTH CONTRACT. This contract builds on the victories we’ve won in our previous contracts and sets the stage for additional wins in 2023!  

18/hour Starting Wage!
“We are keeping our 10% pandemic pay! Because of our union, we won a 10% pandemic premium that was set to expire on June 30, 2022. We fought to hold on to that increase and will go up to $17.80/hr in January and $18/hr in April. But we aren’t stopping there - we are back at the bargaining table in 2023 and our priority is a pathway to $20/hour.” Maria Castro, Boston, MA

Development of Advanced Aide Position! “Many of us do high level care with consumers including working with catheters and bowel programs and hoyer lifts, without any additional training or pay. Our new contract will bring us closer to an advanced aide program where we will get the training and certification we need and the pay to go along with it.” Janice Guzman, Worcester, MA

Protection from Late Payment!
“I wasn’t paid for weeks during the Tempus transition. It was hard on me, my consumer, and my family. We need on-time payment and if we don’t get it moving forward, we will be reimbursed for late and overdraft fees due to late payment. We will also be notified if there is a problem with our timesheets, so we can correct them.” Maria Yniro, Lawrence, MA

Exploration of Retirement Options!
“I want to know my future is secure when I retire. It is not fair that PCAs who have been working 20 years retire with nothing. This contract takes us one step closer to establishing a retirement program by researching what retirement options would be best for us so we can be protected in our golden years.” Candejah Pink, Springfield, MA

Creation of a Racial Justice Committee!
“Respect and dignity are what we all deserve. By establishing a committee to address racial discrimination and inequities within the PCA program, we are making sure everyone is treated equally and creating a more just environment for us and those we care for.” Ronald Laurore, Brockton, MA

Expanded PPE Options + COVID Rapid Tests!
“I appreciate the gloves and masks we have received from the Union, but we need gloves to fit PCAs of all sizes. Our new contract guarantees the PPE we need to keep ourselves and our consumers safe.” William Cail, Everett, MA