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We currently offer two dental plans. Here are a few plan highlights:

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Other important information about the dental plans: monthly premiums can be paid with a credit or debit card, enrollment is for a minimum of 12 consecutive months and the benefits are provided through 1000+ participating dentists throughout Florida. To find a participating dentist near you visit: www.FDBenefits.com

For more information, watch this video about Florida Dental Benefits.

CNA and 1199SEIU member Margalie Williams has taken advantage of these dental benefits. Here’s what she thinks about the plan.

Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 1.42.50 PM.png“Our union dental plan has been very helpful. It dramatically reduced the cost of my root canal. Instead of a $1,500 bill, I only paid about $250. Also, other services are free such as cleanings and the co-pay is low. With affordable dental insurance, I have peace of mind because I don’t have to put o dental treatment because it’s cost prohibitive. I would definitely recommend our union’s dental insurance.”

Margalie Williams, CNA

We are available to present the dental plan options to you or answer your questions. We can schedule a time to meet in person or via a web presentation.


Gaelle Beauboeuf, Client Engagement Representative, Florida Dental Benefits Office: 305-674-7900 or Tollfree: 877.674.7901, Direct: 786-600-2705 Email: gbeauboeuf@FDBenefits.com

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