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1199SEIU Endorses Governor Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul

Cuomo-Hochul: Democratic Leadership that Delivers Real Progressive Change

Governor Overruled Republican Opposition to Implement Universal Health Care in NYS, Providing High Quality, Low Cost Health Insurance to Over One Million New Yorkers

Union with Over 275,000 NYS Members Known For Strong Turnout Operation

New York, NY – 1199 SEIU today endorsed Governor Andrew Cuomo for Governor and former Congresswoman Kathy Hochul for Lieutenant Governor. In making the endorsement, the president of the largest union in the state noted Governor Cuomo’s leadership on addressing critical health care challenges facing New Yorkers – including the successful implementation of the NYS health care exchange and securing $8 billion in federal funding for struggling hospitals.

“Governor Andrew Cuomo and former Congressmember Kathy Hochul have been strong and effective leaders for quality healthcare, goods jobs and equality in New York State. Most recently, Governor Cuomo fought hard to secure the $8 billion Medicaid waiver which is being used to support healthcare facilities and caregivers during the transition to community-based care. He has helped lead our state through the successful implementation of the Affordable Care Act, which is resulting in over a million newly insured residents and falling premium costs for New Yorkers.

“Governor Cuomo has also consistently stood up for low-paid homecare workers, lifting thousands of families out of poverty and helping to ensure quality care for seniors and people with disabilities. The Governor's core belief in fairness, human dignity and equal treatment under the law helped New York become a national leader in marriage equality.

“Like the Governor, Kathy Hochul has been a strong advocate for healthcare reform, marriage equality and good jobs, and has defended local communities and small businesses against overdevelopment.

“Both the Governor and Kathy Hochul have vowed to achieve even more policies, such as the Women's Equality Agenda, that will dramatically improve the lives of working New Yorkers in the future.

“The 275,000 healthcare workers of 1199 SEIU in New York are deeply grateful for these and many other major accomplishments, and we will be working passionately throughout all regions of our state to make sure Governor Cuomo and Kathy Hochul win with a strong majority in November.”-- George Gresham, President of 1199SEIU, the largest union in New York and the largest healthcare union in the nation

Governor Cuomo has restored New York’s rightful place as the progressive capital of the nation, showing that government can work and serve all New Yorkers:

Governor Cuomo bypassed Republican State Senate opposition to implement universal healthcare more effectively than nearly every other state in the nation. To date New York State’s health exchange has signed up over a million New Yorkers for high quality, low cost health insurance.Governor Cuomo secured an $8 billion federal waiver to support struggling hospitals in Brooklyn and other communities as well as increase access and improve the quality of healthcare for New Yorkers.Governor Cuomo enacted structural reform of Medicaid through an innovative Medicaid Redesign Team to improve patient care, while saving billions of dollars that can be reinvested into services for New Yorkers.

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