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Since 1932, 1199 members have been on the front lines of the struggle for the rights and dignity of working people. Driven by the mission to win fair wages, better working conditions, and a just society, 1199ers have proudly stood squarely at the intersection of the labor and social justice movements.

Our Union was started by a group of Jewish pharmacists and spent its earliest days organizing neighborhood drugstores in New York City. Over the years we have expanded to organizing workers in hospitals, homecare agencies, nursing homes, community clinics, and more, but we have never strayed from our mission of advocating for society’s most vulnerable and building a country where working families thrive. Now, as then, 1199ers believe that every person––no matter what color you are, where you are from, who you love, or how you worship––deserves their shot at the American Dream.

Today’s 1199SEIU is over 450,000 members strong, representing workers in every sector of healthcare and human services, up and down the East Coast. 1199ers are organizing, building a stronger Union, and ensuring opportunities for more and more workers as our healthcare system evolves. In communities large and small, 1199ers are some of the strongest voices in the struggle to build a better America for working all people.

In recent years, 1199ers have helped make historic gains throughout our regions; improved healthcare funding, a $15 minimum wage, paid family leave, and nursing home staffing reforms are just some of the advances propelled by the power of 1199 members. During the COVID-19 crisis while serving on the front lines of the pandemic, 1199SEIU members have aided in vaccine rollout programs, fought for the availability of lifesaving personal protective equipment (PPE), and won crisis pay to recognize the heroic contributions of healthcare workers.

At the bargaining table, 1199ers are negotiating strong contracts to ensure a voice at work, fair pay, good benefits, educational opportunities, and more. Every day, 1199SEIU members demonstrate that united workers have the power to improve our lives in very real ways. Whether it’s a bigger paycheck or healthcare coverage for our children, 1199ers victories are the foundation of a just society where every child can look with hope into the future.

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Mar 14, 2024
Workers seek to advance equity and ensure the community’s continued access to high quality healthcare
Dec 13, 2023
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Frontline workers seek union recognition to boost recruitment and retention efforts
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NEW YORK (April 19, 2021) - In a card count, 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East was certified as the representative for 236 workers of…
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On Friday, February 19th we welcomed nearly 6,000 Personal Assistants (PAs) at Concepts of Independence into the 1199SEIU family -- the…
Mar 14, 2019
This week we welcome 106 new members into the 1199SEIU family at Staten Island University Hospital.
Dec 20, 2018
Today we welcome Respiratory Therapists at NewYork Presbyterian Queens into the 1199SEIU family. They will join their RN, professional and…
Jun 26, 2018
Today we welcome more than 70 new members at Whittier Street Health Center on the southside of Boston, Massachusetts into the 1199SEIU…
Jun 22, 2018
Today we welcome more than 300 new members at Good Samaritan and Northern Westchester Hospitals in the Hudson Valley into the 1199SEIU…
Mar 6, 2018
Today we welcome 130 new members from Brookhaven Memorial Medical Center into the 1199SEIU family.
Feb 8, 2018
This week we welcome more than 110 new members from 10 Mount Sinai off-site locations and a City MD urgent care site into the 1199SEIU…
Dec 8, 2017
This week, 40 more Northern New York healthcare workers, Home Health Aides (HHAs) at Samaritan Summit Village in Watertown, voted to assert…
Nov 9, 2017
On Thursday November 2, 2017, the 1199 family welcomed more than 100 new members from three Hudson River Healthcare (HRH) community health…
Jul 25, 2017
Today we welcome more than 700 new members from four different health systems into the 1199SEIU family.
May 25, 2017
Today we welcome more than 50 new members from three Hudson River Health Care (HRHCare) community health centers in Long Island into the…
May 18, 2017
Today we welcome more than 30 new members from St John’s Riverside Medical Center into the 1199SEIU family.
May 16, 2017
Northampton, MA (May 16, 2017) – The following is a statement from Tyrék D. Lee, Sr., Executive Vice President of 1199SEIU United Healthcare…
May 11, 2017
Today we welcome more than 60 new members from Greater Hudson Valley Health System into the 1199SEIU family.

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Eva James
Eva James
CA/RN , Beth Israel Hospital, New York, NY
This union has enhanced my life with the various benefits offered, such as medical and educational. I had to have major surgery a while back, and 1199 covered all of my expenses.
Eva James
Tiona Rockett
CNA , Syracuse
I know I have a secure pension with 1199SEIU with guaranteed monthly payouts after I retire. That’s important to me and my family. A nonunion facility doesn’t guarantee anything.
Eva James
Anestine Bentick
CNA, South Boston Community Health Center
Unfortunately, my husband lost his battle with cancer but even during that tough process, I was thankful for the family health insurance we have. My family was able to focus on his health rather than worrying about cost. As 1199 members, we are able to negotiate how much we contribute to our health insurance and it was a valuable benefit for me during that tough time.
Eva James
Bernice Gilmore
Housekeeper, Arch Plaza, North Miami, Florida
I supported joining with 1199SEIU because there is power in numbers. With more power, we are bargaining for better benefits and win good health insurance for ourselves and our families.