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This week we welcome more than 50 new members at Zucker Hillside Hospital in Queens into the 1199SEIU family.
During his first term as governor in a Democratic state, Republican Larry Hogan has made it his mission not to cause too many waves in hopes of being re-elected for a second term.
Community members, healthcare organizations and elected officials are struggling together in efforts to contain a national opioid epidemic that’s already claimed thousands of lives.
It’s well-known that healthcare workers face some of the highest rates of accidental injury on the job, but it’s less well-known that health and social service workers are facing significantly increasing risk of on the- job violence. A toxic cocktail of understaffing, inadequate policy and mentally and emotionally unstable patients can have deadly results.
Today, there are many workers in 1199SEIU shops who can talk about workplace conditions before the nation’s most powerful healthcare union organized their institution. But there may be only one active member who can talk about circumstances in the workplace before 1199 was a hospital workers’ union.
1199SEIU President George Gresham has released the following statement regarding the tragic shootings in Jeffersonville, KY and Pittsburgh, PA:
World traveler, activist, union leader and cancer survivor. These are just a few words to describe Marilyn Ralat Albernas.
Tired of being treated like second class citizens, 199SEIU nursing home workers in New York and New Jersey are bringing fire to contract negotiations and demanding equal treatment for the work they do.
1199 members interviewed numerous candidates running for elected office in Maryland. Listed below are the approved recommendations.
In its slick advertising campaign, NYU Langone Medical Center promises the institution is #MadeForNY. 1199ers want to know exactly which New York because it sure isn’t one for working people.