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On Tuesday, September 5th, primary day, we made our voices heard. Across the state, the power of our union was on display as members canvassed and called their neighbors, provided rides to the polls, and voted.
Home health care workers are often shorted on their wages and harassed by their agencies, according to an investigation by the New York City Department of Consumers Affairs (DCA).
After meeting with the Jordan Health administration on Wednesday, union members rejected what Jordan Health calls its final offer.
Money in abandoned or dormant accounts is scheduled to be turned over to New York State.
Organized labor is facing an array of attacks. The U.S. Supreme Court’s Janus ruling is threatening public sector unions. The building trades are struggling to keep major real estate developers from opting to go open shop. And conservatives and business interests are continuing to take aim at unions, hoping to weaken them both politically and financially.
A Six-hour Interprofessional Symposium
In the Labor Power 50, we recognize top labor leaders who are key players in the world of New York politics and government. It’s also worth noting that the people on this list are predominantly white and male, with only a little more than half a dozen women and a similar number of minorities making the cut – an imbalance that reflects the power structure as it stands. We sought to balance that by presenting an additional - and more diverse - list of younger labor figures on the rise.
An update now on the ongoing labor dispute over at Jordan Health Center in Rochester.