With over 49,000 members in Massachusetts delivering quality care in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, clinics, and at home, 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East is the fastest-growing union in the Bay State.

Number of Members: 49,000
Number of Delegates: 482
Number of Facilities: 87



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While many allies of 1199SEIU are running for various offices across Massachusetts, healthcare workers want to share a special reminder of our endorsed candidates in the following Bay state races. These candidates have been strong advocates for the rights of healthcare workers and patients. As caregivers, we are proud to lend them our support in the General Election on November 4th.


1199SEIU endorsed candidate for Governor Martha Coakley joined Senator Elizabeth Warren, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and members of the Coakley Women's Leadership Council recently to discuss the importance of providing workers with earned sick time. Coakley has consistently called for earned sick time for all workers in Massachusetts during her time as Attorney General. Meanwhile, her opponent Charlie Baker opposes Question 4 on the MA ballot, which would ensure earned sick time for hard working men and women.

HTC.jpgHuntington Theatre Company’s Community Membership program, is designed to reduce the cost barrier of attending live theatre for those with limited income. The program allows members to purchase tickets to any performance without restriction for just $15. Membership is free and available through partnerships with agencies and organizations.

1199SEIU members were instrumental in getting out the vote in the Massachusetts Primary on September 9th. We boosted turnout in many regions, and as a result, Martha Coakley won by significant margins in New Bedford, Lawrence, Springfield, and more. Now, 1199SEIU members are gearing up for a strong ground effort leading up to the general election on November 4th. Both Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker were invited to our governor’s forum in March. Martha won the endorsement, but Charlie didn’t even show up. Healthcare workers are supporting Martha Coakley for Governor and voting yes on Question 4— earned sick time for all Massachusetts men and women.

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October 23, 2014 - Meet & Greet with PCAs

October 23, 2014 - Meet & Greet with PCAs

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