Stop The Medicaid Cuts


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Events Info | Members Fighting Medicaid Cuts

Tell your representative to vote NO on ANY healthcare cuts: Call 844-898-1199.

Donald Trump’s changes to the tax code have left New York in the midst of a budget crisis.

Now, Albany wants to make up the difference with a proposed $550 million in cuts to Medicaid. The loss of matching federal dollars means New York stands to lose over $1 billion in Medicaid funding.

An attack on our healthcare is an attack on all New Yorkers. We cannot and will not allow any cuts to our care.

What exactly do these proposed Medicaid cuts mean for New York?

• Closures of safety net hospitals and nursing homes, serving the most vulnerable New Yorkers

• Bankruptcy for union home care providers who are already struggling financially from competition from bad actor agencies who do not pay required wages

• Full stoppage of Healthcare Transformation Fund payments, which help for provide funding for our League and other contracts.

This is funding we fought hard to secure, and now Albany wants to use it offset other areas of the budget. We have roughly three weeks to make Albany do right by our members, our most vulnerable patients, and our communities.

All of our children deserve to grow up healthy, our seniors deserve to receive quality care, and our members deserve the wages and benefits they have earned.

We are taking to the airwaves and taking to the streets statewide to fight back against the Medicaid cuts. We are going to tell Albany that our healthcare funding is not up for debate, and we deserve better!

Sign up to join us in the fight to stop these dangerous Medicaid cuts. Just like we have done with our contracts, we must unite to win this fight!

Tell your representative to vote NO on ANY healthcare cuts: Call 844-898-1199.

Join US!

Tuesday, March 19

For More Info & To Reserve Your Seat On The Bus To Albany On March 19

Members Fighting Medicaid Cuts

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Tell your representative to vote NO on ANY healthcare cuts. Call 844-898-1199

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