Rights and Democracy

Democracy is a hallowed 1199 concept and practice. Our union draws its strength from broad participation of its members, with full respect to differing views and the rights of members to express those views. We also advocate and fight for the rights of all. We believe that women, people of color, LGBTQ people and people with disabilities all deserve to share in the American dream.

A key avenue to obtaining and defending human and civil rights for all is the electoral process. That is why we encourage members to sign up for PAC and vote for elected officials who advocate for working people and the exploited. We are deeply committed to the fight for the ballot and to the defeat of the ultra-right forces that are attempting to disenfranchise millions.

Jan 1, 1970
In the winter of 2012, Melande and her husband received an intimidating letter challenging the validity of their citizenship and informi...
Jan 1, 1970
Floridians targeted by Florida Governor Rick Scott?s voter purge held a press conference on Wednesday calling on the governor to stop th...
Jan 1, 1970
On September 13, Floridians achieved a monumental step forward for voters? rights, thanks to Melande Antoine, an 1199SEIU nurse from Nor...

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