Welcome New Delegate Dawn Connolly-Jones!

Welcome New Delegate Dawn Connolly-Jones!

Jul 25, 2013


Dawn Connolly-Jones, a newly elected delegate at Civista (now known as The University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center), has been a nurse at the hospital for 20 years.

She enjoys working at Civista because it is a community hospital and it is close to her home. She loves 1199SEIU because of the team work the union fosters and the support it gives to the nurses.

“Nurses feel empowered to get the job done,” she says. Dawn plans to help advance our shared goals by being a reliable, responsible delegate, working with others delegates and co-workers to bring better communications and support, and doing her very best to assist in everything that that we set out to do.

Dawn remembers a time recently when she travelled to New York to seek support from our fellow union RNs there around a possible strike at Civista. She was really amazed at all the strength and support we received from all the 1199SEIU Executive Board members. It gave her goose bumps, she recalls, seeing everyone on one accord in lending their support to our struggle. We truly appreciated that solidarity.

On behalf of all 1199SEIU RNs, we welcome Dawn with open arms and tremendous support. We thank you for all you have done and plan to do to help support and advance the goals of the 1199SEIU nurses at The University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center.

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