Political Action Center

Member Political Organizers (MPOs) carry the vision of a better society into our workplaces, into our communities and onto the campaign trail by helping to elect leaders who support working people's issues like access to quality affordable health care, retirement security, good jobs, and education.

Q: Why did you become a Member Political Organizer?

A: I became a Member Political Organizer because we have to educate our co-workers, children and neighbors about how working people and our rights are under attack. The corporations and wealthy people don't want us to have a voice so they are trying to shut us down. Recently, I was watching MSNBC and it was scary to see how they are taking away people's votes. That's why I take time away from my job and my family so I can go out and to talk about our rights.

Some people think Obama should not say people who are gay should have the right to get married. They don't want to go to the polls and vote for him. I tell them, 'We should not judge. We are not God. We should all have rights. If we don't vote in 2012, it would be very bad for us.

Working people are just trying to get by. We work like dogs and we have so much to do. We are always under pressure. Budget cuts, layoffs, changes in our schedule, it's really hard.

Politics affect a lot of things in our lives. Nursing homes are a good example. Now we have only 2.5 hours to spend with our residents because of the changes to Florida's budget. Workers have been affected by it because now we have a lot of people whose shifts get cancelled or even lost their job.

That's why we have to make sure to elect the right people in office. We have to vote, not sit and complain.

Q: Describe why you enjoy being a Member Political Organizer.

A: One of the highlights of being an MPO is canvassing. By going door to door, we meet different people who are concerned about a lot of different issues.

When I first got involved it was hard at first to talk to people I had never met. But I have learned a lot, like how to talk to difficult people. They used to make me mad, but now I try to lessen their frustration, let them understand I want to hear what they have to say. Now when I go to a new community, I look forward to meeting new people and hearing new things. We share with them about what's going on, give them a leaflet and talk. It makes me very happy to talk to people who don't know what is going on and by talking to them, I may change their minds. I like that.

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